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Cat care guide: well-being and health in every moment

14 Dec 2023
دليل العناية بالقطط: الرفاهية والصحة في كل لحظة

Cat care guide: well-being and health in every moment

We have hosted cats in our homes. They are not just pets, but individuals who are dear to our hearts. To ensure the best care for them, this comprehensive guide includes advice on nutrition, health care, physical activity, and more. Petsyjo celebrates offering a wide range of cat supplies that meet their diverse needs.

1. Proper nutrition: the cornerstone of cat health

1.1. Choose high proteins:

  • The food you choose for your cat should be rich in proteins, which are essential for healthy growth and supporting the immune system.

1.2. Clean and always available water:

  • Make sure to constantly provide clean, fresh water. Cats tend to drink little, but providing good water helps avoid potential health problems.

1.3. Nutrition balance:

  • Choose food that contains an appropriate balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This helps in meeting daily energy and nutrition needs.

1.4. Portion control:

  • Create a daily feeding plan based on your cat's size and weight. Avoid giving large quantities that lead to weight gain.

1.5. Veterinarian consultation:

  • Consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate type of food and serving amounts based on your cat's health needs.

1.6. Food allergies:

  • Find out if your cat has food allergies and choose a food appropriate for those needs.

1.7. Wet cat foods:

  • Include wet cat foods in your cat's diet, as they provide extra moisture and delicious flavors.

1.8. Weight tracking:

  • Monitor your cat's weight regularly and adjust food amounts accordingly to maintain a healthy weight.

1.9. Improvement with vitamins and minerals:

  • Choose food rich in essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy bones, skin and hair.

1.10. Nutrition appropriate to life stages: - Choose a food that meets the cat’s needs at the various stages of its life, whether young, old, or in its old age.

By providing proper nutrition, you can ensure your cat's health and promote its proper growth and overall lifestyle.

2. Daily health care: the key to a long life

2.1. Examination of the ears:

  • Check your cat's ears regularly for unusual discharge or signs of infection.

2.2. Eye care:

  • Clean your cat's eyes with a clean, damp cloth to reduce secretion buildup.

2.3. Dental examination:

  • Check your cat's teeth regularly and use a special cat toothbrush to maintain oral health.

2.4. Hair and skin care:

  • Scrub the cat's scalp and make sure there are no knots. Use a brush suitable for hair type.

2.5. Providing drug treatments:

  • If any drug treatment is needed, be sure to provide it regularly as directed by your veterinarian.

2.6. Parasite control:

  • Use appropriate treatments to control internal and external parasites according to your veterinarian's recommendations.

2.7. Routine vaccinations:

  • Maintain a routine vaccination schedule to protect your cat from infectious diseases.

2.8. Cat sterilization:

  • Spaying helps avoid unwanted breeding, protects the cat's health, and reduces the risk of disease.

2.9. Regular health follow-up:

  • Make periodic visits to the vet to check your cat's health and check for hidden medical problems.

2.10. Motivate physical activity: - Encourage your cat to engage in daily physical activity through stimulating toys and games.

2.11. Provide a clean environment: - Keep the cat’s surroundings clean by providing a clean sandbox and cleaning it regularly.

2.12. Monitoring Behavior Changes: - Be prepared to monitor any change in behavior or unusual symptoms and consult your veterinarian if necessary.

2.13. Special care for senior cats: - Provide your senior cat with extra care, including age-appropriate food and regular health checks.

By taking these points into consideration and implementing a daily care routine, you can keep your cat healthy and provide her with a long and happy life.

3. Fun to play: fun times and physical activity

3.1. Diversity of games:

  • Provide a variety of cat toys to stimulate her curiosity and provide diverse play experiences.

3.2. Interaction toys:

  • Choose toys that encourage interaction between you and your cat to enhance rapport and emotional bonding.

3.3. Featured games:

  • Explore unique toys like smart toys that provide a mental challenge to your cat and stimulate their intelligence.

3.4. Play catch:

  • Provide games that simulate hunting, such as playing with sticks or fly balls, to satisfy her hunting nature.

3.5. Daily playing time:

  • Schedule time daily for play sessions with your cat to provide physical activity and mental stimulation.

3.6. Positive supervision:

  • Be present during play sessions and encourage positive stimulation and sharing fun moments.

4. Good sleep: continuous rest

4.1. Providing comfortable places:

  • Choose a comfortable bed or sleeping area for your cat, such as cat beds available at Petsyjo.

4.2. Creating a sleeping environment:

  • Providing a quiet and dark environment to facilitate the sleeping process and ensure its comfort.

4.3. Audio pros:

  • Use audio positives, such as soothing music or natural sounds, to calm your cat during rest periods.

4.4. Massage sessions:

  • Provide light massage sessions before bedtime to promote relaxation.

4.5. Fixed sleep time:

  • Maintain a consistent bedtime to help regulate your cat's natural sleep cycle.

5. Unique identity: acquiring its own identity

5.1. Identify personal items:

  • Choose unique cat accessories to distinguish your cat's identity, such as colorful neck bands or custom tags.

5.2. Personal designations:

  • Use labels bearing her name to add a personal touch to her identity.

5.3. Photography:

  • Photograph and document special moments from your cat's life to highlight his unique personality.

5.4. Provide toys that suit her personality:

  • Choose games and activities that match her interests and behavior.

5.5. Individual interaction:

  • Vary the ways you interact with her to gain a deeper understanding of her unique personality.

5.6. Providing new experiences:

  • Provide new and exciting experiences to enhance her identity development
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